Separated from the ones they love the most, the heroes of the Age After continue to try and pick up the pieces of their broken world. As Quicksilver and his team escape from the core, Gambit, Jubilee, Blink and Sabretooth pay a visit to Tower 58! Meanwhile, Storm and her team set off to save a dying world! Continue reading

Royal Guard

When the King’s Magician has a horrible vision of the future he urges the King to let him lead an expedition to find the Temple of a lost God. For only with the aid of that God can they hope to save the Kingdom. But who will the King send on this Quest into unknown lands? Find out here. Continue reading


The Age After continues but for how long? As Storm takes stock of what’s left in her broken world, Quicksilver searches for a way out of the Core. But will the deal he makes come back to haunt him? Continue reading


The start of one of UnCanon’s most popular universes by one of it’s favorite writers! An international and diverse mutant team lead by Dani Moonstar, Kurt Wagner and Sally Blevins face new dangers in a new country. It all starts here! Continue reading

Uncanon One Shot

It’s the Age of Apocalypse and the world has been torn asunder. Magneto is dead and now Storm leads the X-Men. But when a new threat arrives, will the remnants of the Age of Apocalypse stand against it or run? An emotional wrought One Shot from Valeria Kementari. Continue reading


The United Kingdom’s greatest hero is back in a new UnCanon series! When a new enemy threatens the home he loves, Captain Britain will stop at nothing to stop him. But when surprising news from the homefront might just change everything. This is the start of a series you don’t want to miss! Continue reading


A sequel to one of the most popular and acclaimed X-Men Events by Ben Hobson! The Age of Apocalypse might be over but the battle for survival has just begun! How do you pick up the pieces of a broken world? Is there still hope left for the splintered and decimated X-Men? The X-Men survived the age of Apocalypse but can they survive The Age After? Continue reading


Emma Frost is a woman on a mission– to rebuild a safe haven for the few remaining teenaged mutants on Earth. But something under the Xavier Institute refuses to stay buried… And where exactly is she going to set up shop? All will be revealed in this GIANT SIZED first issue from KIPE! Continue reading


The launch of a new universe, and a new era in X-Men fan fiction! Jump on here to find out what happens in this revised version of Messiah Complex, and where that leaves our favourite mutants!

Written by Das_Boot Continue reading


The Hellfire cordially invites you to discover of a new generation of mutants! But as always, a Hellfire invite comes with a catch. What does Sebastian Shaw and the rest of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle want with these young mutants, and who exactly is the mysterious Eve? Welcome to the intrigue that is Hellfire! Continue reading

COTA Circle

The new series of Children of the Atom begins here! As the kids prepare for their final year of high school, they think back on the past three years and the road ahead. A perfect jumping on point for new readers! Continue reading