Charles Xavier is dead and the X-Men have been shattered. Will Rogue be able to pick up the pieces in time to defend the world from a new threat? Continue reading


She fell from grace, but like the Phoenix she so loathes, she’ll rise from the ashes. Emma Frost is back! No longer satisfied with wearing black and staying behind Cyclops, Emma has decided to go off on her own. But she won’t be alone. Who will be joining Emma on her journey? Find out in Generation Chi! Continue reading


Quicksilver’s group, free of the Core, begin their trek to safety. Rasputin, the Final Horseman, returns to his Citadel to recover and plan. Prelate Summers and Weapon X escape the sewers at last – and X puts his old enemy to the test. Continue reading


Brucien Bannerson’s quiet life has, quite literally, been overtaken by chaos, Chaos God that is! Can Brucien control the Behemoth? And when Thaddeus Rose aka “Thunderbolt” enters the picture, will a God fall? Continue reading

Evolution X Logo

Jubilee returned to her old home of Los Angeles after the events that led to the shutting down of the Massachusetts Academy. After her former classmate Skin leaves her for his old gang, she starts to feel lonely and bored with her normal life. Thinking of starting over again, where will she go and what will happen when she goes to settle things with Skin? Continue reading

Decimation X.S.E.

The destruction of Decimation is spreading in this new title from David McNamara. What remains of the world-expanding mutant police force X.S.E. fights back against the deadly Sentinels with all they’ve got. But is it enough? Continue reading


In the wasteland of Apocalypse Island, Storm’s group of X-Men encounter a Forgotten foe. Meanwhile, in London, Blink’s team meets old allies and a new mystery as the Seawall assault continues. Continue reading

X-Men #2

The bar was crowded, well, wasn’t it always? He would often come here when he wanted to be alone, it was the kind of place where you could fade into the background, purely because the kind of clientele it attracted was the kind that weren’t really interested in those around them; bikers, outlaws, people running… Read More »


It’s Jubilation Lee to the rescue! Jubilee and her squad of students head down to the Institute to save Emma and Forge from Emplate. Meanwhile, Will Quentin Quire have the fortitude to stave off Emplate’s parasitic infection and corruption? Continue reading


With the X-Men scattered to the winds, who will Wolverine, Colossus and Emma recruit to their new team? And just what the hell has happened in the time between the X-Men disbanding and now? Some of these questions will be vaguely answered in a round-about way here! Continue reading


“All these roads are the same.” Etienne LeBeau spat onto the dusty highway as he leant back on his motorcycle and lit up a cigarette, his eyes casting around the empty plain of nothingness that seemed to surround them. His companion, only a little younger, but exactly by how much it was impossible to say,… Read More »

Wraith of hte Dragon Queen

An ancient dragon is reborn! Marvel’s greatest heroes are transported into a mysterious new world where a new danger threatens everything! Can they save both this strange, new world and their own? Continue reading


A new series from the writer of Age After! It’s a new take on the X-Men’s “second” Genesis, with surprisings twists and turns at every corner! You think you might know the story, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Continue reading


Charles Xavier is dead and Magneto imprisoned. Now the only ones protecting the mutant race is the X-Corporation; a group of mutant agents who have made it their life duty to help young mutants in need. New York City is a big place full of young mutants and NYX is their last line of defense. Continue reading


Separated from the ones they love the most, the heroes of the Age After continue to try and pick up the pieces of their broken world. As Quicksilver and his team escape from the core, Gambit, Jubilee, Blink and Sabretooth pay a visit to Tower 58! Meanwhile, Storm and her team set off to save a dying world! Continue reading

Royal Guard

When the King’s Magician has a horrible vision of the future he urges the King to let him lead an expedition to find the Temple of a lost God. For only with the aid of that God can they hope to save the Kingdom. But who will the King send on this Quest into unknown lands? Find out here. Continue reading