UnCanon is a place for you to write, share and discuss Fan created content.


UnCanon: A term used to differentiate between the official storyline (= canon) and everything which is not (= UnCanon) #whatwedo


The origin of the Species

Our origin story started back in 2000 when one of the internet’s most popular and beloved comic fan-sites, uncannyxmen.net, gave devoted X-Men fans a chance to show off their passion and creativity in their fan art and fan fiction sections. The budding authors and artists were quick to jump at a chance to show off their skills, creating new and innovative spins on existing X-Men titles and characters. What-if’s were asked, new timelines were created and the seeds of shared universe fiction grew as authors joined forces. The forum of uncannyXmen.net began polluted with writers and artists coming together to share and discuss their work providing feedback and critique to help their creative friends sharpen their skills. They began to share ideas, turned to one another to overcome creative struggles, and form friendships and somewhere along the way, they became a community.

With the Fan created sections starting to outlive the shackles of a pure x-men site, a sister site, The House of Ideas .Net (THOIN as it was lovingly known) was formed. No longer devoted to just X-Men, Spider-Man swung into the scene, and Avengers assembled. New writers and artists came out of the woodwork, eager to share their works and their ideas, and the community welcomed them with open arms as longtime writers became editors, helping these new talents get their work online. Over time the house creaked under the pressure and a fresh coat of paint wouldn’t be enough, the site needed to evolve.

And so, in 2012 the evolution began and a complete overhaul of the site was undertaken to make it easier for creators to get their work out. As the caterpillar turned into the butterfly, it became obvious that THOIN was no longer suitable and UnCanon.com was born.

Now more than ever the writers and artists who love comics as much as they love to write or draw have the power to create.