Sentinel Research Facility, Virginia

…Processing data…

…Loading Subject #09 Information…

…Base facts…

…Name: Martin Coleman.

…Height: 1.87 meters.

…Weight: 92.7 kilos.

…DNA-class: AC-13.


…Physical protection: Subcutaneous-armor class 7

…Energy protection: Shattering field class 10

…Psi protection: Class 10

…Muscular enhancements: Nano-augmentation on all skeletal muscles, giving class 2 strength

…Vision: Vision enchanted by 60%, infrared mode, strongly polarizing.

…Hearing: Hearing enchanted by 110%

…Sensors: Bio-sensors class 8, energy pattern sensors class 6

…Tracking systems: Mutation detector version 5.5, Radar system

…Weapon Systems…

…Secondary Plasma-cannons on each finger, class 2-7 (Adjustable)

…Main Plasma-cannons on each palm, class 10

…Semi-automatic targeting system

…Mutation Damping…

…Upon physical contact: Class 7

…At range: Class 3, radius 2×2 meters

…Additional weight: 41.9 kilos.

Professor Jeremy Goldman opened the nano-tank with a dramatic gesture towards the government agents that stood behind him.

“Here he is, gentlemen. The all new, all improved sentinel!”

Henry Gyrich, one of the gathered agents, looked skeptical.

“Isn’t that what you said about the one before this too, Goldman? And the seven before that as well?”

“Ehhm… yes,” Admitted Goldman. “But this one has some big changes from the last model.”

“Such as?” Asked Gyrich, still very skeptical.

“For a very long time all sentinels were nothing more than machines, sophisticated machines without doubt but nonetheless machines. Even the so called Prime Sentinels used during Operation: Zero Tolerance were strictly machines, too strictly according to me, and so they were controlled by their programming.”

“So you mean this version has nothing to ensure its loyalty and obedience?”

“Of course it has, but apart from these ground rules it can act instinctively and intelligently according to its own free will.”

“Specify these ground rules as you call them.” Gyrich seemed more convinced and looked with interest at the open tank.

“One; The unit must always work towards the incapacitation and if necessary, elimination of dangerous mutants. Two; The unit is not allowed to harm any human being unless itself or any other human is under direct danger. Three; The unit…”

“I’ve heard enough for now.” Said Gyrich “But that doesn’t sound very different from Subject 8, so what’s the difference?”

“Nothing much.” Confessed Goldman. “But this one shouldn’t experience nano-failure.”

“Good. Now I want to see it.”


Goldman turned to a keyboard and activated the unit’s nano-implants with a few simple codes. An almost unnoticeable buzzing sound started and something came walking out of the nano-tank. One of the agents who had never seen any of the earlier models of the new Sentinel breed was shocked. He had expected to see some sort of robot or cyborg walk out of the tank but instead it was a man like any other. The man looked rather disorientated and was only wearing some strange silver colored shorts but otherwise he could have been anyone.

“Not what you were expecting, Norton?” Asked Gyrich with a slight smile.

“No, sir.”

Suddenly the sentinels mind seem to clear up and he gazed at Professor Goldman.

“Goldman, am I… finished?”

“Yes, Martin. You finally are.”

“Good, when can I engage the enemy?”

Olsen, another of the agents leaned towards Gyrich and whispered, “I like this one already, he got guts.”

Gyrich remained quiet but agreed with his colleague. All the earlier versions had been disorientated for at least a couple of hours and some of them had difficulties adjusting to being part electronic. This one however seemed ready to start fighting right away.

“Activate full combat-mode.” Said Goldman.

Openings became visible on the sentinels fingertips and palms and soon they all glowed with a distinctive yellow light.

“Deactivate combat-mode and activate tracking-mode.”

The weapons disappeared without a trace.

“No mutants within the perimeter” Said the sentinel mechanically.

“I would like to test something…” Gyrich pulled out his cellphone and dialed a number before he started talking again. “Henry Gyrich here. Get in here now”

Only moments after the call a man teleported into the room with a flash of green light. The sentinel responded immediately.

“Mutant detected. No known power signature. Preparing defense systems.” The mechanical voice shifted to a more human one when he continued beyond his programming “In other words… stay where you are!”

“Excellent.” With that word Gyrich and all of his agents left the room.

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