Sydney, Australia

Night had fallen on the streets of Sydney. The warm ocean breeze rustled Remy’s long coat as he walked in silence. It’s not de heat, its de humidity, he thought with a touch of humour. He took a deep breath of humid air and tugged at his loose shirt to keep it from sticking to his skin. The weather reminded him of his home in New Orleans. A stray thought crept into his mind then. He tugged at his shirt again, looking around with a sudden sense of unease. The streets were deserted and Remy realised that even the breeze was gone. The air around him was absolutely still. He paused, breathing softly, listening intently. Remy could safely say that perfect stillness was something he was very uncomfortable with. He felt every nerve in his body come alive, as if expecting something. The silence seemed to close in on him as he tensed and looked around. Not’ing, you be gettin’ jittery LeBeau, he thought. He turned to start walking again and found himself face to face with a figure he had never wanted to see again.

“Running again are we, Remy?” Sinister’s voice, smooth as silk, caressed Remy’s ears like beautiful music. But this was one song that Remy had heard a few too many times before and this time he certainly wasn’t at all interested.

“Look, mon ami, I’m not wit’ the X-Men no more, so don’ bother me.” Remy fixed his eyes on Sinister and saw the older man raise a slim eyebrow.

“I am aware of that, and how you seek to protect Storm and her colleagues from Xavier,” the silky voice replied, mockingly. “How refreshingly noble of you to separate yourself from your team-mates when you think it will save them.” Sinister laughed. “It appears that your time with them has helped you gain a conscience. But I’m afraid it just doesn’t suit you, Remy.”

Remy backed away, “Look, mon ami, whatever you be wantin’, jus’ go annoy someone else, I am not in de mood for your little mind games.” To emphasise the point, he drew a single playing card and activated his powers; the magenta glow from the energy discharge bathed Sinister in an unearthly light, making him appear more menacing.

Sinister sighed. “Mind games? You wound me. Tell me Remy, do you honestly think that my interest in you is solely because of your relationship with the X-Men?” He offered Remy an emotionless smile, “Or our own past associations?”

Remy’s eyes flashed briefly with anger. Sinister stood his ground silently until he judged Remy to be calm again. Gambit dropped the card he held and as it floated to the ground, the kinetic charge simply consumed it with a whisper. Sinister chuckled under his breath. “Your former colleagues still think they are the centre of the universe, it would be such a shame if you adopt that trait yourself.” Sinister motioned Remy to walk alongside him, but he stubbornly stood his ground.

“My dear Remy, is it not obvious that I have been cultivating you?” Sinister paused to let the words sink in. “Indeed, my interest in you and what you have to offer has remained with me since our first meeting. I must admit that I feel a sense of pride regarding the many skills you have acquired. First during your tenure with the Thieves’ Guild and then with Xavier and his ilk.”

“What are you talking about? What do you want from me now?” Remy’s voice began to take on a harsh edge. He felt like a caged animal, trapped by the hunter.

“Why, I require your services, Mr. LeBeau, that is all.” Sinister’s red eyes glowed as Remy felt his body relaxing, slipping down into the darkness.

To Be Continued…

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