At that moment, Sinister was beginning to approach the building. He noted the discharge of Remy’s powers and the faint cloud of concrete dust that resulted from the top level collapsing. His red eyes regarded the scene with emotional detachment, until he noticed the glider hovering several levels above where the two men now fought. How curious, he thought, could Remy be facing Osborn himself? I did not think the master of the Scrier would sully his hands in such a way. Sinister moved closer to the battle, fading into the shadows, waiting and watching.

Gambit and the Goblin recovered slowly, the explosion and the fall had stunned both men. Still, the Goblin was first on his feet. He was unarmed now, having lost the rest of his bombs and bat-blades when he fell through the ceiling. Gambit kicked upwards, catching the Goblin square in the chest, then he rolled backwards, pushing away from the ground, landing on his feet. Immediately, he pressed the attack, striking the Goblin with a powerful right cross, followed by a snap kick that caught his opponent in the stomach. The Goblin reeled from the blows, doubling over as the wind was knocked out of him. He retaliated with a left backhand that Remy easily dodged. Gambit snapped his leg up again, this time striking the Goblin’s face; he then dropped to a crouch, swinging his legs around to finally knock his opponent to the ground. The Goblin sprawled semi-conscious on the ground as Remy picked up his staff and straddled the man, pressing the staff against the Goblin’s chest.

“Not so hot wit’ out de little bag o’ tricks, non?” He drawled. “Let’s see what ya look like under dat fright mask, mon ami.” With that, Remy reached over and took the Goblin’s mask off. The face below it was young, perhaps mid-twenties, with close cropped brown hair and light brown eyes. One eye was starting to puff up and a trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth.

Gambit scrutinized his enemy. “Haven’t a clue who ya are,” he said, “but at least I stopped ya.” Remy became aware that the Goblin was attempting to say something. “What?” he asked.

Ben Reilly was in control again, the beating that he had received had meant he could break the conditioning, but only for a short while. “Help me,” he croaked, “I don’t want to do this.” Remy was shocked; he sounds just like a kid, what in de hell is going on here? Gambit looked into Reilly’s eyes and saw genuine pain. He eased the pressure on Ben’s chest, and paused to consider his next move. Why is dis guy wanting to kill me one minute and den asking for help de next?

Gambit was unaware that Sinister stood nearby, watching silently. Sinister recognised the man masquerading as the Green Goblin, and tried very hard to contain his disbelief. Reilly is alive, his thoughts shouted, and in thrall to Osborn no less. This is very serious indeed, a turn of events that must be remedied. Essex calmed himself and watched as the confrontation unfolded.

Remy was surprised when the unmasked Goblin started to laugh. He realised that whoever had talked to him moments ago was gone, replaced by an evil, vindictive alter ego. The Goblin smiled and pointed at the side of Remy’s head. Gambit was amused by this, “You be crazy, mon ami, what ya gonna do, shoot me with your glove?”

The Goblin’s smile grew wider as he activated the microcircuits sewn into his gloves. The energy discharged directly into Remy’s head, rendering him unconscious. The Goblin proceeded to shove Gambit’s limp form off his body and stood up. He found his satchel and retrieved his headset.
Sinister watched gravely from the shadows. He had not expected the Goblin to overcome Remy, and experienced a strange feeling. Disappointment, he thought calmly, it is a shame to see such a professional defeated. Sinister observed as the Goblin spoke quietly into his headset for nearly a minute and then retrieved the Devil’s Heart from Gambit’s coat. Pulling his mask on, the Goblin issued a voice command, recalling his glider to him. As the glider drifted towards the him, the Goblin proceeded to pick Remy up and sling him over his shoulder. Carefully, he hopped onto the glider and rose slowly into the night sky.

Sinister remained still for several minutes after Gambit had been taken. His future plans had hinged on Remy’s involvement, and now he needed alternatives. He activated his teleportation beacon and appeared almost instantaneously in his laboratory. He sat down and rested his elbows on his knees, his hands steepled together in front of his face. Remy has been taken and I regret that I do need his assistance. I must find where Osborn intends to keep him. He sighed then, and continued staring into space, and I must deal with Reilly, he cannot be allowed to run around unsupervised…

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