But, for the time being, the Goblin is in control, and hunting. He started criss-crossing the rooftops near the museum, expanding his search one block at a time. He did not dare contact his master, as he knew the price of failure. Find the thief; kill the thief, he thought, that’s all I have to do. His laugh echoed over the silent rooftops as he banked sharply on the glider, changing direction and continuing to sweep the area.

Remy was nearing the construction site; he could now make out the silhouettes of the girders against the clear night sky. He walked slowly up to the main gate, constantly scanning his surroundings. Satisfied that he was alone, he used his powers to charge the padlock attached to the gate, and moments later, he was running over to the skeleton of a half-built office complex. Gambit smiled, perfect, now ol’ Greeny’ll face me on my terms. Remy proceeded to boot up the site’s generator, allowing him to access the service elevator, to take him up to the uncompleted portion of the building. Near the top, Remy made his way carefully across one of the support girders. Looking out over the city, he scanned the area for any sign of his adversary. No Greeny, he sliently thought, guess I’ll have to get his attention.

Gambit extracted one card from his jumpsuit. Concentrating, he activated his powers and slowly began to charge the card. Okay, technically, my powers are ta charge t’ings, make dem go boom. He continued to concentrate, but it’s all about kinetic energy, only de chain reaction usually happens all at once, hence de boom. But kinetic energy is all about movement, so if I try real hard, maybe I can control the reaction, so de card only burns up slowly, and hopefully, de damn t’ing might get a decent height too. The card began to glow with a magenta aura, and Gambit released it. The card drifted up into the night sky slowly, using it’s own kinetic energy to maintain momentum. The card flashed out of existence perhaps twenty feet above the construction site. Remy swore; a passing pigeon wouldn’t have seen dat blow. He extracted more cards and charged them all quickly, launching them as hard as he could into the sky. The resulting explosions lit up the night sky.

The Green Goblin was searching the alleyways three blocks from the construction site when he saw the multiple explosions. Curious, he turned the glider in the direction of the dwindling lights and sped off towards what he hoped was his target. Unknown to both men, another person noticed the discharge of energy. Sinister smiled to himself, always the exhibitionist, Remy. Happier that he had now located Gambit, he set off at a brisk walking pace.

Remy heard the low drone of the Goblin’s glider and flattened himself against a support girder, making sure that he was hidden from view. He extended his staff and held it pointing up, then he held his breath and waited, listening intently as the glider came closer to him. Gambit took a deep breath, dis is gonna be tricky, he thought, have to convince him ta come dis way. Two minutes ago, Gambit had planted two cards on the opposite side of the site from where he crouched now, both had time delay charges, a skill he had developed some time ago but hadn’t used in a while. Sure enough, both cards detonated with flashes of light, and Remy noticed that the pitch of the Goblin’s glider had changed, suggesting acceleration. He waited until he saw the shadow of the Goblin pass by him, then he lashed out with his staff, catching his opponent across the midriff, knocking him from his perch. The glider continued to drift and then automatically switched into hover mode.

The Green Goblin reeled from the blow, tumbling from the glider to land hard on a girder three floors below, knocking the wind from him. He looked up to see the thief silhouetted against the moon, a dark shape with glowing red eyes. The Goblin regained his balance, and instantly pulled a pumpkin bomb from his bag. Cocking his arm back, he launched the orange orb at Gambit. Remy threw himself backwards, catching the edge of a girder and swinging down towards the Goblin.

Gambit dropped to a concrete floor that formed part of the completed building. Immediately, he threw a handful of cards upwards, causing the Green Goblin to also drop down to the same level. Gambit dodged another pumpkin bomb and then felt a searing pain in his arm. Pausing a moment, he noticed a length of black metal that had embedded itself in his arm. The razor sharp blade was shaped like a bat. He launched himself forward, rolling into a crouch, narrowly missing more bat-shaped blades as they struck the ground where he had been moments before. Baiting his opponent, Remy started to run across the concrete floor, dropping several time-delayed cards at different intervals. He stopped and turned to face the Goblin. Both men regarded one another, as Remy beckoned him forward, a smile on his face. The Goblin rushed to attack and was suddenly overwhelmed by several explosions. The concrete floor gave way, crumbling under the feet of the two combatants. Unable to maintain his balance, Gambit tumbled down after the Goblin, landing on the level below.

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