Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

Eve-“Wow it is so huge.”

Robert-“There are too many people.”

Pandora-“Calm down and remember avoid the telepaths.”


Pandora-“Okay here comes someone.”

[A huge Beast approaches them and introduces himself]

Beast-“Hello kids my name is Henry Mac Coy but you can call me Beast everyone else does so this is your first day huh?”


Beast-“I remember my first day here the place is a little more crowded now so let me give you the official tour.”

Eve-“Thank you.”

Robert-“Let’s go pops.”


[They follow him through the great Mansion. He shows them the rooms, classrooms, and such but not what they want to see. They reach the end in the place where they are supposed to call home the dormitories.]

Pandora-“Mr. McCoy I had heard on the news report that there where lower levels here?”

Beast-“Yes there are you enter by the library but you don’t have to worry about it you’ll get to see it soon enough and call me Beast remember?”

Pandora-“Thank you for the tour and goodnight.”

Beast-“Goodnight kids” Those are some very nice children how odd.

The Dorms

Pandora-“It’s time to go.”

Eve-“It’s so late.”

Pandora-“That’s the point now move it.”

Eve-“Where are we going?”

Pandora-“The Library.”

Eve-“Where is Robert?”

Robert-“Right here now come on.”

Pandora-“That’s my line now…come on.”

[They sneak through the halls unnoticed until they reach the lobby where they knock into two other students.]

Beak-“Who are you?”

Pandora-“None of your business!”

Angel-“Listen don’t you talk to me like that!”

Robert-“And who do you think you are?”

Angel-“I’m practically an X-man!”

Eve-“Well we don’t like X-Men.”

Angel-“Then why are you here?”

Pandora-“Eve shut up!”

Beak-“What do you think you’re doing!”

Pandora-“Get them!”

[Eve then kicks in the air and knocks out Beak while Robert kicks Angel in the stomach kicking the wind out of her. With both students knocked out they make their way to the Library. Once they get there they don’t know what to do.]

Robert-“What now leader?”

Eve-“Yeah Pandora we could get caught!”

Pandora-“I’m thinking it has to be one of theses books that opens the door.”

Robert-“Look we have no time for this just hold onto me okay and I’ll teleport.”


[Both of the girls hold onto Robert as he turns into mist and teleports to the other side of the iron door disguised by books. On the other side they reincorporate only to find that Beast who was working late in the lab has caught them.]

Beast-“What are you kids doing down here this is closed off to new students now go back to your rooms.”



Pandora-“Eve get him!”


Pandora-“Do it!”

Eve-“Okay.” There are no vines around so I’ll have to be creative and concentrate.

[From the ground a crack is seen on the metal floor as vines emerge and tangle Beast within it’s grasp covering his mouth. Eve’s eyes glow green and the tattoos on her face begin to grow.]

Pandora-“Okay you stay here and keep him there we will get the information. Come on Robert.” Eve-“All right I will stay behind and keep my eye on him.” I’m sorry Beast.

[They leave her there and the other two approach the main computer.]

Pandora-“This is it.”

Robert-“How do we find it?”

Pandora-“We don’t!”

Robert-“Then what?”

Pandora-“We just insert this disk and download all the information and bring it to Selene it is up to her on how to find it.”

Robert-“This is taking long!”

Pandora-“Okay it’s done let’s go!”

[They find Eve and The Beast still under her tight grip]

Pandora-“Okay let’s go Eve.”

Eve-“All right.”

Robert-“Shouldn’t we finish him off?”

Beast- What? I’m not about to be beaten by a bunch of kids.

Eve-“I can’t” He’s fighting my vines, he is breaking free.

Pandora-“This wasn’t part of the mission let’s just go!”

Robert-“After we get rid off him.”

Eve-“He’s escaping my grip we have to escape but how?”

[An alarm is heard]

Pandora-“They must have found the chicken boy and that girl with wings.”

Robert -“I can’t teleport this room is airtight!”

Eve-“I have an idea!” If I can concentrate enough maybe there I can.

[The vines that had originally broke the whole expand to enlarge the crack in the floor enough for the kids to fit in and run away as soon as they hit the floor they are trapped underground.]

Robert-“Good idea now where trapped!”

Eve-“Sorry I thought it was a way out.”

Pandora-“Shut up and let me concentrate!”

[Pandora lifts her hands and joins them then when she rips her hands apart, as does the earth revealing to her teammates her power of being able to control the earth.]

Pandora-“Hurry let’s go this tunnel will lead us back home.”

Eve-“That was amazing!”

Robert-“Where going to lead them back home.”

Pandora-“Don’t worry the minute we move I in cave the tunnel little by little.”

Eve-“What about the people?”

Pandora-“Not my problem we have our disk and our first mission is completed you should congratulate yourselves.”

Robert-“I’ll be happy when we are out of these tunnels.”

Eve-“I kind of like it here I feel more in tune with Mother Nature.”

Robert-“As far as we know you are Mother Nature.”

Pandora-“We are home.”

[The ground behind the Hellfire club’s Mansion breaks apart and the three students appear to find the Club filled with people. They enter to find their home filled with strangers but they do recognise. Star and Marie who are dancing together.]


Marie-“Hey guys your back!”

Pandora-“What is going on!”

Star-“Have you never been to a party before.”

Pandora-“Where is John?”

Star-“He didn’t like being around so much people so he’s in his room sleeping.”

Eve-“A party for what?”

Marie-“A party in your honour duh!”

[Selene walks down the main stairwell and welcomes her students]

Selene-“Congratulations on your first success children now do you have something for me?”

Pandora-“Yes here is the disk with all the information you wanted.”


To Be Continued…

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