In Selene’s Study

Pandora-“I do not know why others cannot go with them.”

Selene-“You will not undermine me.”

Pandora-“That was not my intention but as their leader I believe I should have some say.”

Selene-“I’m their leader you just lead them on their missions is that clear.”

Pandora-“Yes it’s clear.”

Selene-“Good it will only be you three and remember they all have to keep your cool I already enrolled you three to the Xavier Institute you will start school Monday.”

Pandora-“As you wish Mistress!”

The Lobby

[All the students have gathered and Pandora approaches them all.]

Pandora-“Tomorrow we start in our own first mission.”

Star-“Yes! Finally a little action!”

John-“Already? Are you sure we are ready?”

Pandora-“Only two of you will accompany me on this mission.”

Star-“What? Why? Who?”

Selene-“How about you John?”

John-“I understand.”

Pandora-“Only Eve and Robert will come along the rest of you will continue your training.” Star-“That is not affair!”

John-“Calm down Star.”

Marie-“How come you have to go?”

Robert-“I don’t know why do I?”

Pandora-“It’s Selene’s choice and you will follow directions.”

Robert-“Why should it only be two of us.”

Star-“Yeah why I at least could help out!”

John-“Maybe Selene thinks we are not ready?”

Star-“Oh I’m ready and I’ll give her a piece of my mind!”

[Selene then enters]

Selene-“Really darling well go ahead and give me a piece of your mind.”


Selene-“I thought so. Now listen up only two of you will go because they both are the most experienced with their powers so the rest of you will just have to deal with that got it?”


Selene-“In time you will control both you powers trust me.”

John-“I guess?”

Selene-“Pandora will go over your assignment Eve and Robert the rest of you go rest. Goodnight.”

[She leaves and so do the rest only Eve, Robert, and Pandora remain]

Pandora-“Okay our objective is very easy we get in and we get out.”

Robert-“Okay so what do we do?”

Pandora-“We have been enrolled in the Xavier Institute.”

Eve-“Who is this Xavier?”

Pandora-“It’s a place where mutants go to learn how to use their powers.”

Eve-“So what’s so bad about it?”



Pandora-“You have to learn to listen to instructions and do as I say!”

Robert-“What exactly do we do?”

Pandora-“Xavier harbours in his Mansion the renegade team of X-Men, wild vigilantes who work towards protecting humans instead of mutants. They will do anything to stop our goals. They are extremely skilled in the use of their powers, therefore our little team needs an edge in order to beat them.”

Robert-“And what is going to give us this ‘edge’?”

Pandora-“For every single X-Men who ever committed themselves to his cause a protocol was created to ensure their defeat if they ever opposed their leader. We must acquire these files in order to find their weaknesses.”

Robert-“That’s all fine and good but how do we get those files?”

Eve-“I guess we are going to sneak in and get them right?”

Pandora-“Yes we will. Robert, you will create a diversion while Eve and I steal the information, you are here Eve, in case we get into any confrontation. In thanks to Selene we will have protection against the telepaths at the school but still stay on your toes.”

Eve-“I understand”

Pandora-“Okay we will go into a more in depth breakdown of the mission tomorrow morning before we go to the school.”

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