By Eddie Pilares

New York City

[An old and luxurious mansion stands in New York City. Inside the rooms are empty no sound is heard only the roaring fire of the fireplace. A chair is in front of it a woman lays there wearing nothing but undergarments and she smiles as she thinks to herself about the choice she has just made. She recalls her latest accomplishment, as the image of a girl appears in front of her, she sports green hair as well as facial tattoos that seem like vines.]

Selene-“Ah Eve, you’re the most promising of this little group of outcasts who knows how much your powers may grow with time and the proper training you may even be an omega mutant. It’s going to be quite interesting seeing you grow as well as all of my new children. I will make sure of that.”

Several Days Ago

[A helicopter lands in the middle of thousands of acres of wild life from with in comes out a woman named Selene an exclusive member of the hellfire club soon after she is surrounded by her own troops.]

Selene-“Ok men stay behind me I only brought you, as back up this girl is extremely dangerous. You see she hasn’t had any human interaction for five years and that can make anybody a little insane. Now move out forward I can’t sense her thoughts they are too savage for me to pick up on but be careful the suits you’re wearing are very expensive and blood it’s just so hard to get it out of clothing.”

[As her troops move forward one-steps on a branch it snaps then nothing is heard. Thousand of vines shot from every direction impaling every single one of Selene’s troops until she is left alone. In the middle of all the chaos the only reason Selene is alive is the fact she can surround herself with a protective shield using her gift of telekinesis. The child Eve emerges from the top of the trees.]

Eve-“Leave or die!”
Selene-“If you could kill me I would already be dead I come to you with a preposition.”
Eve-“Fine die!”

[The girl waves her arm as vines surround the shield and begin to squeeze it until it begins to burst.]

Selene-My god the raw power it’s incredible she manages to break through my shield I’m getting a little into this I have to reason with her “Listen I’m here to help you!” Wow are those words coming out of my mouth.
Eve-“Die! How dare you disturb my forest!”
Selene-“Fine you brought this on yourself!” A concentrated psi-bolt should knock her out

[Eve faints as Selene picks her up and takes her into the helicopter holding the young girl in her arms]

Selene-“You will play an important part in the future of mutant kind and the ending of Homo sapiens.”
Selene-“You’re waking up already huh?” Have to go into her mind.

Eve’s Mind

[It is dark and misty there are trees everywhere they are the tallest Selene has ever seen vines begin to surround her as she sees a little frightened girl run away and a horrible monster appears in front of her.]

Selene-“You must be Eve’s dark side interesting can you speak? I guess not well that will make this easier.” If I concentrate I can lock you away. Okay, concentrate…

[The ground rises and becomes a room that imprisons the monster. Selene smiles and rushes towards the frightened little girl.]

Selene-“Come out come out where ever you are? Oh come on I’m here to help you!”
Eve-“No one can help me!”
Selene-“I can!”
Eve-“Kill me please the monster will do it eventually just make it quick!”
Selene- She’s not afraid of death. She is quite brave at such a young age. “The monster is gone, he will never hurt you again, I swear it, just come to me.”
Eve-“She’s gone, finally gone!”

[Her mind begins to grow more beautiful but a patch of darkness still stands]

Selene-“Time to go.”
Eve-“Don’t leave please!”
Selene-“I’ll see you in a second don’t worry.”

The Real World

[Eve’s eyes begin to open and she sees a familiar face]

Selene-“Yes now rest.”
Eve-“Thank you if I can do anything to repay you just mention it.”
Selene-“Oh you will darling I assure you. ” You are the first of the new Inner Circle

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