They hadn’t been renting the apartment very long, but she’d got used to it very quickly and found herself little nooks and crannies in which to sit. Her favourite was at the end of the hallway, she could sit in a small alcove next to the window, which she liked to leave wide open and… Read More »

His head hurt like hell. Then, again, what else was new?  Two eyes fluttered open, eyes of an unusual sort, his sclera were pure black, the kind of black that swallowed the beholder whole, drawing them deeper and deeper, but the iris? They were crimson.  At first, he couldn’t make out anything, his eyes were… Read More »

Laura is not happy with Gabby being around. All she wants is to be left alone but she can’t even get that when Lady Deadpool makes her move to get information on Alchemax Genetics. It’s time for a brawl in the streets of San Francisco between Laura and Deadpool’s greatest fan. Continue reading

The Young Allies are left to pick up the pieces after their encounter with the World Party and the Bastards of Evil. With their team leader uncertain about her future, can the team continue on without her and two departures? Meanwhile, James Miles, the American Panther, finds himself a new crime fighting companion in the form of Kate Bishop. Continue reading

Every Kingdom has it’s outlaws, and on their travels King Elehan’s heroes, the hope of Arcadia, are going to meet the most feared one. Hawkeye, famed archer and ex-Knight of the realm. But is he the real threat, or will the face something worse, something determined to see their quest fail? Continue reading

TWENTY-FOUR HOURS Part I: As Things Change… Written by: HUNTER LAMBRIGHT London “Oh, god! Wanda!” shouted Hawkeye, holding the fallen redhead in his hands. He looked at all the heroes, who had stopped fighting. “You killed her! All of you! You bastards!” “Calm down, Clint,” said Cap. “The last thing we need is a breakdown… Read More »

Gabby, a clone of Laura, is trapped in the dimension of a mythical monster of Spanish legend known as El Coco. With no way out, she is uncertain of what to do. Laura, Megan, and Johnathan have teamed up with the newest Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, in an attempt to stop El Coco. Continue reading

Megan is trying to convince Laura to investigate the organization known as Alchemax Genetics, something she wants no part of. Meanwhile, children are going missing all over San Francisco. Who is doing it and what does it have to do with a mysterious man with a flaming skull? Also, the debut of ‘The Sisters’. Can the actual wolverine known as Jonathan help Gabby, who is the latest kidnap victim? Continue reading

The finale of the Decimation arc is here. How do the Amazing X-Men finally deal with the sentinels. Can they? Will anyone else bite the dust. Wolverine’s squad fight desperately for survival against increasingly bad odds and Cyclops struggles to get the X-Men through this ordeal alive. Continue reading

A barbarian, a rogue, a ranger, a wizard, a centurion, an acrobat. Six noble warriors pit themselves against a world corrupted by the darkest of gods. Even with the mightiest of enchanted weapons, can the Exiles defeat six whole divine armies? Also, meet the newest member to the Exiles, she’s not what you expected. Continue reading

Annoying neighbours, intergalactic incidents and an attack on the Peak! But what are the invaders after? And where do the X-Men fit into this? Abigail Brand is in for one hell of a bad day, as Home Invasion begins! Continue reading

  TRIAL BY FIRE Part III Written by: WINGS Previously… Rogue’s team of X-Men, consisting of herself, Iceman, Psylocke, Quicksilver and Darkstar, continued their mission in Kree Space against the parasitic race known as the Brood. They fought and were defeated by a group of the aliens, who bizzarely manifested superpowers. However, upon capture, four of… Read More »

In the aftermath of the Decimation attack on the New York X.S.E. Headquarters how are the staff dealing? With Banshee in a coma and Monet’s psyche trapped in the building’s systems, things are not looking too bright. Plus find out the fate of those students from the Xavier Institute who decided not to stay. Continue reading

Jessica is hard at work trying to help her brother and she is determined to help him. How far will she go? And what will she do when an old enemy resurfaces in the form of Aftershock? All this and the true origins of Elizabeth revealed, by Anya? Continue reading

They are the DC Universe’s greatest heroes, come together to fight for truth and justice! In a special One Shot for UnCanon favorite Anthony Crute, find out how this team of superheroes put aside their hero and became the most extraordinary league of heroes the world has ever known! Continue reading

Something dark and corrupt is manipulating the Behemoth’s mind, sending him on a path of destruction towards the magical city of Sanctus. Can Stephanos Le’Strange, Archmagister of Sanctus, stand in the beast’s way? Continue reading

The death and destruction continues as two more squads face decimation. Find out who lives and who dies in the Corsairs and Paragons and what is going on with all the telepaths? Continue reading

After a young gifted’s power goes out of control, killing a relative of the king, the gloves are off. On the run from terrible forces, he comes to Greymalkin for sanctuary. But can they defend him from horrors on his trail? The Knights of Greymalkin have faced hate crazed people, demons and even their own kind, but can they stand against the cold, relentless might of the Sentinels? Continue reading

The Agency X-verse expands once again! The nature of of Magic in the world is broken and who will the mystics, the monsters, the magicians and the mysterious look to for salvation? Well, certainly not Megan Gwynn, Pixie of the X-Men, but our goth-girl bad-ass “have Souldagger, will travel” magical mutant will sure give her best shot! The world may be doomed, but Pixie’s on the case! Continue reading

WEB-SLUNG – THE SPIDER MEETS THE MAN Written by: HUNTER LAMBRIGHT My name is Peter Parker, and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old… Peter’s eyes flew open as he checked the alarm clock. Memory resurfaced. No longer was he the mysterious Spider-Man. Ever since he’d given himself up on national television, Peter… Read More »